The majority of your clients are engaged in on-going training programs.  If you’re not offering staffing solutions for these programs, their requisitions for training professionals will go to other service providers.  Don’t let this potentially huge revenue opportunity pass you by.  Start asking about your clients’ training needs today and start building a new revenue stream tomorrow.


  • Increase value to your clients revenues, and your candidate portfolio by adding contract learning professionals as a niche service to your menu of offerings — with no investment


  • No size or volume commitments – no class or project is too small or too large – we never require volume commitments to fulfill your client requisitions


  • Improve profitability – Our unique split allows you to build in your desired profit margin to control your pricing and profitability


  • Increase sales and higher bill rates – with trainers available to quickly and easily up-skill your own pool of candidates


  • Silent partner – you maintain your customer relationship while we work behind the scenes to help you grow your business


  • Full administration and recruiting – we manage the entire process of recruiting, qualifying, and deploying our expert training professionals to fulfill your customer requirements. In addition, we assume responsibility for logistics, quality, student evaluations, and trainer payments


  • Accelerate time-to-market – our proprietary recruiting technology and specialized expertise allows us to quickly and accurately find the right training professionals for your clients — enabling them to launch their training programs faster and with better results


  • Offer customers flexible solutions – whether your customers’ requirements call for a bundled training solution (courseware, content development, assessment, classrooms, testing, equipment, etc.) or trainers only, we can guide you through a successful training delivery program