Project and Program Managers


At The Training Associates (TTA) , we understand what’s riding on your training initiatives.  Our project and program management solutions are designed around proven and reliable industry best practices and project management principles — with your company’s strategic business goals always in mind.

Our Project Managers assist you in:


  • Project Initiation: Project Definition. Our expert consultants and project managers work closely with your team to identify and define preliminary project roles and responsibilities, outline the project objectives, identify the main stakeholders, and define the authority of the project manager.


  • Project Planning: Detailed Planning. Understanding the short and long term goals of our clients is critical to project success. Our expert trainers, the platform that is established for training delivery, and the process in which we execute, are all vital components to the success of our programs.


  • Project Execution: Monitoring and Control. We understand the importance of a project starting and remaining on track. We routinely monitor the progress of the project to ensure project benchmarks are met, and implement corrective measures as necessary.


  • Project Closure: Project Review. Our program metrics assist you in delivering final outcome results as well as measuring the need for continual training.


Have multiple, related training projects?

TTA’s Program Managers have both the experience and demonstrated abilities to oversee and manage multiple projects – helping organizations achieve optimal program results that may not be realized if the projects were managed separately.

Our program managers define the program scope, determine and coordinate resources between related projects, as well as oversee assigned project managers responsible for managing cost, schedules, and performance of integrated projects. They communicate with key stakeholders at all levels of the organization, and maintain continuous alignment of program scope with strategic business objectives — making recommendations for modifications to enhance effectiveness.