Logistics Management


You’ve got a lot riding on your training initiatives.  Making sure you have the right number of qualified training resources with the right skill-sets, at the right place and time, ready to hit the ground running can make a huge difference in the success of your company's training programs. The Training Associates (TTA) offers logistics management and training administration capabilities designed to save your organization time and money including:


  • Scheduling–  For enterprise-wide rollouts or other large training projects spanning many locations, TTA assists you in identifying and scheduling the appropriate number of training professionals needed to ensure your projects start and finish on time.  As part of our cost-saving solutions, we strive to source local training resources whenever possible. Our vast experience placing training professionals for over 20 years, combined with our proprietary systems, provides you with the assurance that your training professionals are where they need to be, on time, every time.


  • Travel and logistics – Getting our learning professionals to your location(s) on schedule and without hassles is why most of TTA's road warriors take advantage of our in-house travel department.  We take care of booking and pre-paying their air travel, car rental, and hotel accommodations so they can concentrate on your learning engagement.  Our proprietary online system keeps all of their job and travel itinerary information in one convenient, secure place that is accessible to them 24X7.


  • Classroom set-up – When classroom set-up is needed (hardware, software, seating, teaching aids, etc.), TTA ensures your students are fully equipped to begin training on-schedule - hiccup free.


  • Vendor management -  TTA is both experienced and well-equipped to take the lead as prime (tier 1) contractor, managing a host of outside vendors (including instructors and developers) — providing you with one convenient point of contact.


  • Invoicing – Knowing what bills you have outstanding and the training projects they relate to is important for keeping your projects on budget.  TTA provides you with the convenience of viewing and paying your bills online, including details of every charge. For clients who prefer to receive paper invoices, TTA provides monthly billing statements.


  • Training talent payment – TTA takes the administrative burden of managing training contractor payments off of you.  We pride ourselves on the timely and efficient payment of our training professionals and offer an array of payment options from which they may select.