Contract Trainers | Facilitators


The value of your training events hinges heavily on the quality of the trainer. Finding a cost-effective way to secure highly qualified trainers for the subjects you need, where and when you need them is essential to creating successful learning programs.

TTA offers contract trainers who have undergone our stringent recruiting and vetting processes. For short-term projects to large scale rollouts, we can supply your organization with the quantity and quality of subject matter expert contract trainers needed to meet your organization’s learning objectives.

Our contract trainers are both instructional and subject matter experts in a wide variety of IT vendor technologies and professional business skill topics

TTA's contract facilitators are able to provide unobtrusive, neutral guidance and assist in maintaining focused meetings and workshops.

Using contract trainers and facilitators through The Training Associates allows your organization to offer and run more workplace training, in substantially more subjects, and at far less cost and risk than using independent contractors or hiring additional staff.  

Our network of 25,000+ Training Contractors includes (sample listing):

  • Technology Trainers (from desktop applications to networking and security)
  • Business Professional Skills Trainers
  • Human Resource and Compliance Trainers
  • Leadership, Sales, and Management Trainers
  • Customer Service Trainers
  • Industry Experienced Trainers (Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Transportation, Hospitality, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Telecomm, etc.)
  • Trainers for Custom and Proprietary Technologies/Topics (through our Train-the-Trainer programs)


Understand the TRUE total costs of using contractors vs staff learning professionals.

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