Case Study | The Largest U.S. Insurance Provider



Our client is a U.S. Federal Government agency administering a national social insurance program for more than 48 million Americans. The health agency provides a nationwide toll-free call center helpline to assist enrollees, family members, and caregivers with complete, accurate, consistent and timely responses to inquiries involving subject matter that is frequently complex and dynamically evolving due to changes in legislation.


Business Problem:  Quickly Train Thousands of Call Center Employees Throughout the U.S.

The helpline is subject to large fluctuations and spikes in call volumes– both expected and unexpected. The agency must respond with the same high quality during these peak volume times. The agency sought to implement a virtual call center strategy that would provide a flexible, scalable infrastructure to support the consolidation of telephone customer service operations; an initiative requiring large-scale resources. The agency consulted a leading, multi-billion dollar, training solution provider for help. The training solution provider, a long-standing valued partner of The Training Associates (TTA), did not hesitate to recommend outsourcing most of the project to TTA.


TTA Solutions:  Qualify 125 and Deploy 45 TTA Trainers for Five Year Project

TTA is both experienced and adept at developing and implementing complex solutions under tight deadlines and got right to work recruiting, screening, qualifying, negotiating and scheduling all trainers to agency call centers throughout the U.S, as well as reporting, quality control, and billing for all trainers for the duration of the project. TTA quickly identified over 125 qualified trainers for consideration; 45 of which were deployed to work on the five-year project.


Business Results:

TTA trainers instructed hundreds of customer service representatives on subjects including new-hire training, customer service, and small systems use. Training was completed in the call center environment while answering the newly-implemented helpline for seniors. The helpline developed into a responsive and efficient operation, staffed by well trained operators and customer service personnel better able to focus on delivering timely, important health care information to thousands of consumers and service providers in a growing segment of the American population.