Case Study | Data & Information Management Co.



Our client is a publicly traded data and information management software company.  With over 17,000 customers, the company was facing rapidly changing domestic and global training needs for customer and channel partners.


Business Problem:  Aging legacy development and education delivery methods

The company had aging legacy development and educational delivery methods, as well as siloed corporate management involvement in sales and product training.  In addition, eLearning solutions were not current or accessible in mobile and/or portable environments.  A flexible approach was needed for content management systems (CMS) development, use (distribution to instructors), and delivery.


TTA Solution:  Provide a broad range of consulting services and market research

  • Performed extensive industry, market and product research
  • Interviewed company staff in both the US and overseas
  • Reviewed more than 30 instructor-led training (ILT) and eLearning courses
  • Evaluated a wide array of delivery options currently available and those needed for the company to be a leading-edge education and industry player
  • Considered internal and external sourcing options
  • Considered various learning management system (LMS) options
  • Considered various content management system (CMS) options


Business Results:

Here are just a few of the many actions taken by the client:

  • Developed a new Chief Learning Officer (CLO) position responsible for all product, sales, support and management content
  • Implemented a new “core content” approach for mobile, portable and actionable “just enough, just-in-time” approach to all content
  • Implemented an improved search engine optimization (SEO) to “trace and track” Google searches as well visitors coming to corporate website
  • Performed Google/Bing search engine and internal search
  • Implement new metrics incorporated into existing corporate metrics to improve tracking and provide visibility to corporate leadership.